Brake Rotor / Drum Balancing

2897 Multi-Station Balancer

Multi-Station Brake Rotor / Drum BalancerMicro-Poise Model 2897 DPRMA is a fully automatic, non-rotational (static), balance machine designed to balance, mill correct, and audit your disc rotors or drums. This machine is comprised of the following stations:

Station #1: Entrance, Escapement
Station #2: Centering
Station #3: Isolated Stiff Pivot Balance
Station #4: Orient and Radial Mill Correction
Station #5: Isolated Stiff Pivot Audit
Station #6: Stripper / Part Exit to End of Machine
Station #7: Optional: Two Position Sorter

Standard Features

Entrance Centering & Escapement Station

  • Overhead centering mechanism; pneumatically powered; accommodates range of rotor ODs with no adjustment required
  • Escapement - two sets of pneumatically powered stop pins

Orient and Radial Mill Correction

  • Expanding multi-jawed tooling to position and secure the rotor for the milling operation
  • AC servo motor is used to angularly position the disc rotor for correction of unbalance
  • Variable mill correction arc using AC servo motor
  • Mill cutter radial positioning accomplished with a precision ballscrew driven by an AC servo
  • Chip removal system

Transfer System

  • In-line lift and carry transfer system
  • A lifting elevator provides vertical motion; movable support bars on linear bearings provide horizonta transfer motion
  • Rotor support fixtures are mounted on the movable support bars
  • Transfer system is pneumatically driven

Audit Station

  • Identical to balance station


  • Two vertical positions, one "GOOD," one "REJECT"

Isolated Balance Station

  • Micro-Poise Stiff Pivot balance unit with LVDT's and Micro-Computer for imbalance measurements
  • Adapter tooling designed to locate on the disc rotors pilot bore and square-up face

Automatic Lubrication System

Standard Paint Colors

  • Safety Guards are OSHA Safety Yellow
  • Moving Parts are OSHA Alert Orange


Control Features

Control System:

  • Allen Bradley PLC 5 Programmable Control System for machine control.
  • Micro-Computer for balance and correction data control.

Machine Performance:

  • Balance Measurement
    • Range 8.50 oz-in
    • Resolution .01 oz-in
    • Accuracy ± .01 oz-in
    • Repeatability GRR ≤10%
  • Correction Process - able to mill as much material as the dimensional limits of the brake rotor/drum allow
  • System Capability: CpK ≥ 2.0 typical
  • Cycle Times
    • Balance Measurement with No Correction required - 12.0 seconds approximately (300 pph)
    • Balance with full Mill Correction, maximum depth, maximum arc (120°) 18.0 seconds approximately (200 pph)

Control Console:

  • Contains the Micro-Computer. (Xycom)
  • Contains the touch screen operator interface panel for machine control. All displays and operator prompts required for calibration and operation of the machine are included.


XYCOM Model 4150 incorporates the following elements to provide a complete industrial PC/AT compatible workstation:

  • A 12" monitor; SVGA color
  • 4100-AT2 Industrial PC/AT Board
  • A data-entry keypad & a function keypad
  • External RS232 Printer Port
  • External COM2 Port
  • 1.44 megabyte 3 1/2" floppy disk drive
Electrical Power Requirements:
Main Service: 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz.,
  60 amps maximum
Control Voltage: 120 volt AC, 1 phase, 60Hz
Maximum Air Consumption: 5 SCFM @ 80 PSI

SPC Features:

  • Data is stored in ASCII format; usable in other IBMPC programs or machines
  • Data can be loaded to floppy disk
  • All charts and screens can be copied to a printer
  • Manual or automatic setting of control limits
  • Date and time tag on all data
  • View and chart X bar, R, capability indices and histograms

Operating Temperature:

Proper functioning of the balance machine requires an ambient temperature range of 5°C to 40°C (40°F to 105°F)

Approximate Sizes:

  • Length - 135 inches
  • Depth - 74 inches
  • Height - 75 inches

Optional Features:

  • Powered entrance conveyor
  • Quick change spindle
  • Part marking
  • Cable trays
  • Network communications

Control Panel: Nema 12, Floor mounted, 2-door with 31 inch door swing

  • Width - 92 inches
  • Depth - 24 inches
  • Height - 84 inches

Control Console: Nema 12, Floor-mounted

  • Width - 24 inches
  • Depth - 24 inches
  • Height - 70 inches

Gross Weight: 15,000 pounds


System Specifications


Typical passenger or light truck brake disc rotors & drums


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