Balance Engineering Experience


Because of Balance Engineering’s organizational continuity since our founding in 1923 and our very low rate of key engineering personnel turnover, we have been able to retain an exceptionally strong base of experience. Our engineering records (assemblies, details, and tooling) for most equipment goes back several decades. This store of engineering experience and product history gives us the ability to build balancing machines and systems tailored to fill your special requirements, by drawing from and expanding on the best of our experience.

Balancing Machine In-House Qualification

Balance Engineering has a full complement of highly qualified Service Engineers. We employ the technical expertise gained during their extensive field experience to calibrate our machines before delivery. After our experienced Machine Builders have completed the primary assembly and setup of a machine, a Service Engineer will assist in the precise work of fitting the tooling to the machine. The Service Engineer will then power-up and completely debug the machine (aided by our in-house Controls and Electronics Personnel). By the time the machine is shipped, our Service Department is already well-versed in all facets of the machine’s design, operation and maintenance. The benefits of this arrangement are accrued by the customer throughout installation, setup, and final runoff. And, the know-how gained from the calibration process carries over into later servicing of the machine, if and when service is needed. Our customers agree that the pride we have in our Service staff is entirely justified.

  • Over one hundred cumulative years of service experience in balancing.
  • Extensive international experience: We have set up many machines under difficult conditions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Language and cultural barriers are always effectively bridged.
  • Balance Engineering partners in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America.
  • Multi-discipline backgrounds mean cost-effective machine service capability.
    • Mechanical Engineering – Comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of machine and tooling design, theory and function.
    • Controls Engineering – Extensive knowledge of electrical/air/fluid systems and programming.
    • Electronics Engineering – Expertise in electronic and software design and development, and troubleshooting with a variety of test equipment.
    • Service Engineers are involved/knowledgeable in the complete history of each machine:
      • System build
      • Installation
      • Debug
      • Runoff
      • Follow-up service
  • Ready access to the skills and experience of our retired Service Engineers.
  • Immediate availability of Engineers (in all disciplines) for telephone consultation with our customers.
  • Custom-made machines are completely conceived, designed, built, and serviced from our main location in Troy, Michigan, USA.
  • Machines are fully qualified and operational to the customer's specifications prior to delivery to the customer’s plant.
  • You can place your confidence in Balance Engineering’s responsible single-source tooling capability. There will be no need to deal with third parties if and when replacement tooling is required.
  • Our lead designers have full tool design capability. All have come up through the industrial designer ranks and are well-versed in all aspects of machining, balancing correction systems, tooling and spindle design. All have extensive experience both in the actual design work and in the supervision of outside design sources.
    • All aspects of tooling theory and function are fully understood, developed and supported by Balance Engineering. 
      • Extensive experience with all industry-accepted PLC manufacturers
      • Dedicated customer support staff
      • Supervision of installations and start-ups
      • Prompt service after the sale
      • Dedicated parts operation for fast response
      • Equipment/tooling re-certification services

Balance Engineering has provided balancing solutions to a broad range of industries for many years, and our seasoned staff truly understands the unique aspects and requirements of precision balancing.