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Balance Engineering Announces Changes of Address

We are pleased to announce that, as of 01 July 2015, Balance Engineering manufacturing facilities are moving to our corporate headquarters in Streetsboro, Ohio,. The new address is:

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, LLC
555 Mondial Parkway
Streetsboro, Ohio, USA 44241-4510

Tel: 1-330-784-1251
FAX: 1-330-541-9111

Balance Engineering Celebrates Its 90th Year In Business!

This year we are celebrating our 90th year in business! Originally founded in 1923, we are in our 90th year of continuous operations. Many thanks to our dedicated and experienced staff who have been so crucial to our success, and to all our valued customers we have been privileged to serve over the years. Thank you all for contributing to our enduring success!

Balance Engineering Introduces Improved Two-Station Rotary Crankshaft Balancer

MicroPoise – Balance Engineering is excited to introduce its re-engineered Two- Station Rotary Crankshaft  Balancing Machine.  Leveraged from its successful predecessor , MicroPoise-Balance Engineering is proud to announce this newly repackaged system.

Balance Engineering Announces New Balancing Instrument

MicroPoise – Balance Engineering is excited to introduce its newest balancing instrument, the MP12.  Specifically designed for Stiff Pivot, Non-Rotational balancing equipment, the low cost MP12 features a Windows-based software platform that provides intuitive navigation via an upgraded graphical user interface and simplifies data collection for part traceability.  As a retrofit upgra