Axle / Differential Balancing

Axle / Differential Balancer - Automatic

Axle / Differential Balancer - AutomaticThe Balance Engineering Class Differential Balancer receives palletized axles from a conveyor that is loaded by robots. The integrated conveyor moves the axles through the balancing machine process.

The companion flange orientation camera reads the flange's drive shaft position. The CBI unbalance measurement and indication system signals the balance spindle servomotor drive to index the slave shaft to the same angle as the companion flange. The axle and pallet moves to the center of the balance station where the elevator lowers the axle and pallet onto the balance cradle. The slave shaft spindle (oriented to the companion shaft) lowers and engages the drive holes and pilot in the companion flange.

The output shaft spindle clamps into the output shaft. The slave shaft spindle will rotate and the CBI will measure the unbalance in the differential as an assembly. Using the calculated correction data of the CBI, a correction is performed automatically using a drill.

The drill removes the unbalance weight from the outside diameter of the companion flange. The CBI takes a second (audit) unbalance reading to ensure the part is balanced within tolerance. The part is elevated and positioned under a paint marker that marks the unbalance high or low point for future unbalance matching with the driveshaft.


Axle / Differential Balancer - Automatic

General Specifications

Correction: Drill
Balance Tolerance: 9 gm - cm
Balance Speed: 2000 RPM (1200-3250) Available
Machine Cycle Time: 54 Seconds (2 vectors)
Flange Diameters: (3) Different Diameter
Differential Housings: (2) Different Housings


Machine Options

Palletized Part Handling RF Tag Read / Write
Vehicle NVH analysis for characterizing of driveshaft performance Vision System-Flange Orientation
Auto- Accommodation of multiple flange styles and differential housings Correction Methods (Weight Addition/Removal)
Communication with plant wide information systems Training
Data Storage and Printout Marking of Residual Unbalance
OutPut Shaft Sub-System Statistical Package (CBI Based)

Axle / Differential Balancer - Automatic

Machine Features

1 Output Shaft Spindle Slide 6 Unbalance Paint Marker 11 Companion Flange Position Camera
2 Output Shaft Spindle 7 Drill Quill Unit (Servo) 12 Part/Axle
3 Slave Shaft and Spindle  8 Drill Motor 13 Axle Pallet
4 CBI-HMI Control Panel  9 Drill Vertical Positioner 14 Conveyor
5 Machine Guarding  10 Pallet Elevator    


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