Engine Balancer

EBTS (Engine Balance Test Stand)

Engine BalancerThe Balance Engineering Class EBTS Engine Balance Test Stand is a compact, single-station machine for measuring unbalance and operating parameters of a running engine. Used as the initial "Hot Test" equipment for a majority of U.S. built automotive and truck engines.


  • Single Station Compact Design
  • Two Plane Dynamic Balancing in Vertical or Horizontal Mode
  • Soft, Isotropic Suspension
  • Multiple Engine Capability
  • Multiple Correction Techniques
  • High Accuracy Engine Testing
  • Automatic Error Detection
  • CBI Unbalance Measurement and Indication System
Engine Balancer


  • Horizontal /Vertical model lockout
  • Engine timing display
  • TDC sensor testing
  • Cam position signal
  • Natural gas flow Throttle position
  • Oil pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Temperature

EBTS systems can be supplied for any engine size. Approximate machine dimensions for automotive or light truck engines: 970 mm wide x 1220 mm deep x 1570 mm high


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