MP12 Balancing Instrument


MP12 Balancing Instrument

The Balance Engineering MP12 is our newest balancing instrument system.  Specifically designed for Stiff Pivot balancing, the MP12 offers a low cost and an exceptionally user friendly system for your balancing needs. It features a state-of-the-art industrial PC utilizing National Instruments Labview software.  As an upgrade, the MP12 is a direct replacement for the existing balance computer on your Micro-Poise Model 3867 Stiff Pivot Balancer.

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The MP12 Balance Computer is designed to work with a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) solid state electronic balance measurement system.  A highly sensitive LVDT balance measurement system senses the amount of tilt in the balance system and develops an electronic signal, which is utilized by the Balance Computer to compute the amount of unbalance and its angular location.


Features and Benefits

  • Most innovative balancing instrument for Stiff Pivot balancing
  • Tooling compensation and calibration via step-by-step instrument process
  • Configurable multi-part capability
  • Optional bar code scanning capability
  • LCD display with optional touch screen and full keyboard
  • Password protection for user access
  • Exceptional ease of installation
  • Upgraded replacement for existing balance instrumentation

Technical Specifications

PC Hardware:  IBM Compatible
Bar Code Scanner (Optional):  Honeywell
PC Connectivity:  Ethernet, USB, Serial
Instrument Stand (Optional):  Extruded Aluminum
PC Operating Voltage:  110 VAC
Correction Methods:  Customer Specified
PC Interface: Touch Screen, Keyboard Unbalance Display:  Numeric or Polar
User Access:  Password Protected Analysis Tools:  Statistics Counters / Part History
Part Setups:  Multiple Data Export:  USB or Ethernet


MP12 Balancing Instrument Rear Connectors Direct connection to your Model 3867 Stiff Pivot 
Balancer with existing cable connectors


Typical Screen Features

MP12 Balancing Instrument

Real-Time Process Monitoring

MP12 Balancing Instrument

Built-In Error Messaging

MP12 Balancing Instrument

Statistics Counters

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