WinCBI Balancing Instrument


WinCBI Balancing InstrumentThe Balance Engineering WinCBI is our current standard balancing instrumentation used on the majority of our balancing systems and applications. It features a state of the art industrial PC running Microsoft Windows and an embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP).


The WinCBI user interface consolidates the unbalance measurement and process monitoring capabilities with machine control functions. In addition, the system   provides convenient access to configuration, current status and historical information.

Features and Benefits

  • Capable of full automatic, semi-automatic, or manual balancing control
  • Hi speed multi-plane correction calculations
  • Configurable multi-part capability
  • PC based instrument and control system incorporating multiple Digital Signal Processors
  • LCD display with touch screen and full keyboard
  • Integrated machine control HMI
  • Support for external or integrated machine controls PLC’s
  • Upgraded replacement for existing balance instrumentation

Technical Specifications

PC Hardware:  IBM Compatible
DSP Operating Voltage:  24V DC
PC Connectivity:  Ethernet, USB, Serial
Instrument Algorithms:  Fixed Vector/On Angle
PC Operating Voltage:  110 VAC
Correction Methods:  Customer Specified
PC Interface: Touch Screen, Keyboard Set-up Data:  Back-up & Restore Feature
DSP Digital Signal Processors:  SHARC Analysis Tools:  Gauge Statistics/Part History Analyzer
DSP Firmware:  Field Upgradable
Data Export:  USB or Network

Typical Screen Features

WinCBI Balancing Instrument WinCBI Balancing Instrument WinCBI Balancing Instrument
Real Time Process Monitoring Built-in Diagnostics Simple Calibration


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