Driveshaft Balancing

Driveshaft Balancer

Driveshaft BalancerThe Balance Engineering Class PRT Driveshaft Balancer achieves balance correction under the supervision of our Computerized Balancing Instrument ('CBI'), usually by the manual resistance welding of pre-cut balance weights. However, our driveshaft balancers can also be equipped for automatic balance weight welding. With automatic welding, the weights are made from strip stock which is automatically fed, formed and cut to a prescribed length to suit the individual balance solution. Whether welding is manual or automatic, balance weights are welded onto the two balance planes of a one-piece shaft or on up to four planes on an articulated (two- or three-piece) shaft. After balance correction, the balancer verifies the results via an audit spin, and the CBI displays those results. Because of a driveshaft's physical characteristics, driveshaft balancers are almost universally manually-loaded machines They can be optionally equipped with mechanical hoists and/or staging rests to facilitate loading.

Driveshaft Balancer

Machine Features:

2-Speed Balancing

2 ,3, or 4 Plane Balancing

Plane Separation

Vibration Switches

CBI Measurement and indication System


Available Options:

Automatic Welder with an Automatic Variable Strip Feed

Projection Welding

Data Storage and Printout

General Specifications

Maximum Part Length: 3800mm (149”)
Maximum Part Weight: 90kg (200 lbs.)
Variable Drive Speed: Up to 10,000 rpm
Machine Cycle Time: Not Available For Manually Operated Machines


Driveshaft Balancer

Machine Features

1 Machine Guarding 7 Cradle Suspension
2 Stock Reel 8 Positional Servo Motor
3 Balance Drive/Spindle 9 CBI-HMI Enclosure
4 Flange Yoke Chuck 10 Main Control-Power Panel
5 Prop Shaft Guard-Load Assist 11 Rigid Support Frame-Base
6 Weld Gun    


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