Crankshaft Balancing

Multi-Station Crankshaft Balancer

The Balance Engineering Two-Station Rotary Transfer crankshaft balancing machine is designed to balance crankshafts up to 600 mm in length with a maximum weight of 45 kg. This re-engineered offering features enhanced accessibility and maintainability unmatched in the industry. Best-in-class cycle times and throughput are achieved by utilizing proven process components in an efficient station layout, serviced by a robust rotary transfer system. Crankshaft loading is typically accomplished using an overhead gantry system. 

Two-Station Rotary Transfer Crankshaft Balancer Two-Station Rotary Transfer Crankshaft Balancer

Your Key Process Advantages

  • Fast machine cycle time 
  • The industry's best process capability and repeatability 
  • Lowest cost of ownership through the system life cycle 
  • Utilizes MQL drilling process for ease of machining 


Your Key Technical Advantages

  • Design provides for ease of use and maintenance 
  • Design allows for simple installation and integration with other systems 
  • Ease of future retool/rework 

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 4700 mm x 1700mm x 2200mm 
Crankshaft Length: 300 mm to 600 mm 
Weight: 4800 kg (Complete) 
Drill Cross Slide Range: 450 mm 
Load Height: 1065 mm 
Drill Lubricant System: MQL
Loading Options: Automatic (Gantry) or Manual 
Power Requirements: Customer Specified
Cycle Time: 39—63 sec. (Part Dependent) 
Electrical Standards: UL / IEC / JIC / CE 
Maximum Crankshaft Weight: 45 kg  Balance Instrument: WinCBI

Two-Station Rotary Crankshaft Balancing Machine


Machine Features

A HMI / Balance Instument F Part Clamping System (Correction Station) 
B Part (Crankshaft) 
G Part Indexing Motor (Correction Station) 
C Balance Measurement Cradle 
H Servo Drill System with Cross Slide 
D Part Drive Tooling Actuator 
I Main Electrical Panel (2-Door) 
E Rotary Part Transfer System 
J Chip Conveyor 


Multi-Station Crankshaft Balancer

Alternative Design and Configuration – for In-Line Crankshaft Processing

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Balance Engineering is a global leader in supplying Crankshaft balancing machines and other Test and Measurement systems to various industries, including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Transportation and Power Generation. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet or exceed your balancing requirements.