Stator Balancing

Stator Balancer

Stator BalancerBalance Engineering offers a multi-drill single station Stator Balancer. The Stator can be manually loaded/unloaded by the operator, or automatically done via a compact transfer system. Correction is performed by drilling into the “outer hat band” of the Stator. A high capacity drill chip vacuum system will remove the drilled debris from the correction and measure area.

Stator Balancer

General Specifications

Production Rate:
80 parts per hour (when manually loaded)
Repeatability: 10% (based on a 9 gm-cm balance tolerance)
Capability: CpK >1.67

Machine Options

Correction Drills (1) to (8) Units
Automatic Transfer
Statistics Package
Specialized Training

Stator Balancer

Machine Features

1 CBI / HMI Interface Panel 5 Primary Vacuum Container 9 Safety Light Curtain
2 Guarding 6 Vacuum Turbine and Motor 10 Balance Cradle and Spindle
3 Correction Drill 7 Vacuum Motor 11 Actuated Drill Backup
4 Electrical Panel 8 Vacuum Turbine Exhaust Filter    


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Balance Engineering is a global leader in supplying Stator balancing machines and other Test and Measurement systems to various industries, including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Transportation and Power Generation. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet or exceed your balancing requirements.