Turbine Balancing

Turbine Balancer

Our turbine balancing machines balances the internal components of a torque converter that is required in order to properly balance the entire torque converter assembly itself. The Balance Engineering Class Turbine Balancer fulfills this need. Utilizing variable or fixed length weights via an automatic welding process, this machine will balance turbine assemblies well below customer specified balance tolerances.

Turbine Balancer

General Specifications

Production Rate:    60 - 70 parts per hour
Repeatability:        10% (as measured against a 9 gm-cm balance limit)
Capability:              CpK Values >1.67


Turbine Balancer

Machine Features:

Data Storage & Printout Options

Part Marking Feature

Variable or Fixed length Weld Weights

Optional Bowl Feeder System Available

Turbine Balancer

Machine Features

A HMI / Balance Instrument F
Notch Position Sensor Assembly (Optional)
B Part Transfer Assembly G Part Backup
C Strip Feed (Bowl Feeder Optional) H Part
D Weld Weight Feeder Inline Tray I Balance Spindle
E Weld Weight Form Die J Welder


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Balance Engineering is a global leader in supplying Turbine balancing machines and other Test and Measurement systems to various industries, including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Transportation and Power Generation. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet or exceed your balancing requirements.